Island of Krk

Do You want only the best for Yourself? Then choose the island of Krk as a place for Your vacation, because many superlatives can be attributed to this island:

  • the largest island in the Adriatic
  • the northernmost island in the Adriatic
  • the most accessible island in the Adriatic
  • the most diverse island in the Adriatic
  • the most visited island in the Adriatic

With a total area of ​​406 km2 and with a range of 190 km of its indented coast, Krk is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea.

Among the 1185 islands in Croatia is one golden, Insula Aurea-island of Krk. Located in the center of the Kvarner Bay, it is recognized as one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Mild Mediterranean climate, favorable geographical position and diversity of natural and cultural beauties, even in antiquity gave it the name "Golden Island".

The 45th parallel passes through the island, its longest part being 38, and its widest about 20 kilometers. The coast is about 190 km long. The nearest mainland is only a hundred meters. The neighboring islands are Cres, Goli and Rab; it also has several islets (the largest Plavnik has 17 km, and the smaller Školjić only 400 m of coast); it has an unusually diverse relief, climbing from northwest to southeast - from picturesque gentle ditches and bays over fertile fields and dense forests with sub-Mediterranean vegetation, to the area of ​​bare karst and a real mountain landscape. There are three creek and two lakes on Krk.

At the highest mountain peak, Obzov (570 m), the visitor forgets that he is on the island. There are also several peculiar phenomena - for example, the Krk flora contains about 1400 species of terrestrial plants, almost half of the total flora in Croatia. The unique plant "Barbašova lazarkinja" is a world rarity, it grows in the world only in the Baška bay.

There are also rarities in the fauna, bird species, for example, range from eagles / vultures, to the oriental steppe "peak tip". To all this complex contrast of natural features should be added the Mediterranean climate - warm summers and mild winters, cold land wind from the northeast-bora and humid south, and a pleasant summer westerly-mistral.

It has long been believed that the island of Krk is destined to be associated with the number seven: in the seventh century it was inhabited by Croats, seven times successfully defended against pirates, the seventh in a row Prince Frankopan, was the last prince of Krk. Today the island of Krk has seven centers.

Discover our island - get to know its charms and riches in every season: cruise through its beautiful and diverse places, visit millennial monuments, museums and galleries. Breathe in health by walking along romantic promenades by the sea or the wild pastoral paths of the rocks. Enjoy the magical flavors of Krk cuisine and subtle local wine. Take advantage of the stay for the pleasures that the whole island offers You in the fullness of its rich and diverse accommodation, tourist and gastronomic offer.

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