With about 260 sunny days a year, the average July sea temperature of 25 oC and a bay sheltered from sea currents the sea bathing season in Malinska lasts almost 6 months.

Malinska is attractive in every way in every season. Arranged and equipped beaches, swimming pools, pebble and sandy beaches near Malinska or hidden coves will give something for everyone. For some, enjoying the sun from early morning to late afternoon, for others the pleasure in the shade, in solitude, with a view that travels into the blue distances.

In the area of ​​Malinska there are more than 50 kilometers of hiking trails along which you can see sights such as the monastery in Porto or the old cemetery. Boat trips, panoramic rides to Glavotok or Krk Bridge, picnics, catamaran rides through the hulls of which the seabed and its rich flora and fauna can be seen, remain in the lasting memory of every visitor.

The name Malinska dates back to the 15th century when a mill was built in it, after which it got its name. Malinska was once the main island port for timber exports as well as a favorite tourist destination of the Viennese aristocracy, while today it is a famous European summer resort.

In 1866, a steamer landed on the island of Krk for the first time in its port, which marked the beginning of the development of Malinska from a port for timber exports to a destination where the fashionable world discovers the potential of a climatic health resort. Visitors to Malinska, delighted with its beauty, often call Malinska "the pearl of the Kvarner islands".

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